Senior year. FINALLY.

Exactly what you are thinking, right??

You have watched the seniors ahead of you make their memories--now it is time to make your own.

You are ready for your moment and it all 

A senior experience like no other.

A senior experience worthy of your wait. 

I'm Erica. I have been a senior portrait artist for six years. I love making my clients feel special and giving them a one-of-a-kind experience that will be remembered as a highlight of their senior year. 

If you are ready for your close up... check out our Session Planning Guide! Then we can chat about creating a session just for you!


"The best part of my experience with Erica McKimmey Photography would have to be the way she made me feel about myself. Erica was very encouraging and brought me out of my shell. I tried outfits and poses that I never imagined I would wear or do. She was very intelligent with her photography skills and it made me relax and not stress like I was on the way there, because I didn't know her. I would definitely recommend her to any male/female wanting a fun filled session to make their senior year even more memorable!" -Allyson Class of 2016


Erica McKimmey Photography is located in Southwest Missouri.