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Almost a Burnout

Almost a Burnout

It was almost a burnout. After 9 years of pursuing photography, I was finding myself at a crossroads. I was out of balance.  Each day feeling more confused about my goals, concentrating on little things rather than the big picture and feeling completely uninspired.  Because I saw the signs, I got some business advice for my coach and came up with a plan for winter. I’m still in the midst of this search for balance; trying to follow the plan I set for myself. The goal is coming out on the other side with a renewed sense of purpose, personally and professionally.


I don’t think anything I’m feeling is uncommon, but maybe a bit uncommon to talk about. To quote a phrase that is on its way to becoming a cliche– the struggle is real. It’s not just real for me, it’s real for anyone who wants more from daily life than just going through the motions. I am working on waking up each day curious. Knowing that not every day will offer a mountain top experience and knowing some days will just be down and dirty low. Actively taking steps each day to find this elusive balance and maintaining curiosity to see what is next.


One thing I am holding to is not losing my desire to create.   Creating beautiful images that are meaningful for me and for my clients. My desire to continue the creative journey became completely obvious when my mom asked a question (like only a mom can do) “Are you going to quit?” I  found myself stuttering in shock at the mere thought of it. “Well… No…. I can’t imagine doing that!”


So there it is. the desire to create still lives within but the need to balance things in my life exists as well. I hope you will continue to join me as I define what creative balance looks like in my life.




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