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Change is inevitable, evolution is optional…

Change is inevitable, evolution is optional…

It is no secret I am an advocate for continuing education. No matter what industry you identify with as a profession, you must continue to learn in order to grow. Each year I set aside time and funds to continue my professional education as a photographer and business person. This summer I  headed north to Iowa (a state I had never been to) to learn from Marci and Christy. Marci and Christy, a mother- daughter duo, have a thriving senior studio outside of Indianapolis. I had been following their work for some time. I identified with the rich colors of their images and lighting style so I couldn’t wait to learn from them!


I loved the quote they shared, “Change is inevitable, evolution is optional.”  I have been reflecting on this over the summer. My business has changed over the last 8 years and I have evolved in the process. It is my goal to continue to evolve with the changes in the industry.


I really enjoyed watching Christy work with the models and got some great posing tips.



I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my professional education through experiences like this. I am already planning my next adventure with my dear friends at Professional Photographers of the Ozarks in October.


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