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Goal Setting for the Full-time Creative/Part-time Photographer

Goal Setting for the Full-time Creative/Part-time Photographer

Jan 2020 blog

Everywhere I look there is another worksheet on goal setting for the new year. Although you can dig deep within a goal, intentions and action steps, I have yet to find a spreadsheet that caters specifically to the full-time creative/part-time photographer. 


Why are our goals different?

You might be wondering why you can’t fill out one of the many goal setting templates floating around out there, you totally can! But there might be some questions that fall short of what you do or leave you unsure how to answer because your life is structured differently. 

One of the questions I find most difficult for the part-time photographer is what would your ideal day look like to you. Well … am I at work or at home? Is it busy season or slow season? I stop myself before I even start because we are always dividing our time. I love the idea of dreaming of days where my creative job is all I do but I must stay grounded in the reality of where I am. So on the sheet below, I look for productivity goals for a work day and an “off ” day because we all know as a part-time photographer/full-time creative we are never really “off”. 

See my example:

Time Managment FTC-EM

This is a great way to aid in defining how much time you are able to devote to photography each week. It also gave me ideas on little ways I could make each of my days as productive as possible. 

Get your template here: Time Managment FTC


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