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Lebanon Senior Pictures- SENIOR WEEK

Lebanon Senior Pictures- SENIOR WEEK

SENIOR WEEK is here at Erica McKimmey Photography!

What is Senior Week? A week when we celebrate graduating seniors and upcoming seniors. We give away amazing prizes and ANY high school student can enter to win. We also open booking for 2017 graduating seniors with an early bird discount of $100 that you can only get during Senior Week.

Check out my instagram @emphotogal for information on our giveaways.

Fill out this form to get entered and join in the fun!

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Hope is excited to meet her goals and get ready to start her future during her senior year!

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“What I’m most excited about for my senior year is making more memories with friends who have turned into family and with strangers that have turned into close friends.”- MacKenzie

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“For senior year, I am looking forward to one last year to making the most memories I can with my friends before we all go our separate ways off to college!”- Morgan


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